Cloud Resume Challenge

Dec. 3, 2021

During my ongoing study for the AWS CAA-C02, I’ve seen references to Cloud Resume Challenge and I got curious enough to check it out. In brief, it’s a multi-step challenge (with accompanying book) to setup a simple static resume website, while utilizing a whole host of cloud tools and devop practices.

As I’ve progressed along with the CAA course, I started to tackle the challenge steps one by one:

So far, has evolved through the following:

  1. S3 bucket for website assets
  2. CloudFront serving the assets
  3. R53 Host Zone setup
  4. AWS Certificate Manager generated SSL certs for the host.
  5. DynamoDB table for website visitor couter.
  6. Lambda function in Python to read and update the visitor counter table.
  7. API Gateway for REST API that allows GET method to pull the latest visitor count
  8. Javascript to call the API and update the website with new count.

The most problems I’ve faced were in the API setup and fighting with the dreaded CORS.

Next up: Github Actions integration with S3, cache invalidation on update, AWS SAM, &c.

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