3D printing and boardgames

Dec. 1, 2021

Gloomhaven is a massively successfull boardgame from a couple of years back. Its gigantic box hides a large pile of carboard maps and tokens, and having the whole scenario map laid out on a kitchen table is always an arresting sight.

Still, having recently purchased a 3D Printer from Prusa, I found myself wondering if the already great game could not be further improved with some 3D objects in place of the cardboard markers. Turns out there is a whole market for 3D modellers and sellers that offer improved Gloomhaven accessories.

I participated in a Kickstarter for Talisman Sabre terrain 3D models and the end results after countless of printing hours were even better than I had hoped!

Painting in progress Early testing of a game setup Finished, painted terrain Doors, traps, chests Clips

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